Session Bookings for the World’s Longest Guitar Lesson

Scott's Guitar Space

Session Bookings for the World’s Longest Guitar Lesson

All sessions will run for 2 hours.

Punctuality is critical, and students cannot leave prior to the end of the session.

Please arrive at Heart & Soul Yoga Studio 15 minutes prior to the commencement of your session.

All students require their own guitars.

Students are invited to attend as many sessions as they like.

Guinness World Records state that only people over the age of 16 will be counted as participants, and students between 16 and 18 require parental permission. Students under 16 are more than welcome to attend and participate, but their names will not be recorded for the record attempt.

There will be no charge for any lessons, but donations can be made to the Sydney Children’s Hospital via my fund-raising page here.

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