Scott's Guitar Space


Scotty is a very experienced teacher, having taught hundreds of students of all levels since his high school days.

Fingerstyle guitar and improvisation are his specialties, but Scotty can cater to almost anyone wishing to play rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, and slide guitar, on either the electric or acoustic guitar.

Working with Children Check complaint and a Creative Kids Provider.

Lessons offered include both online and face-to-face sessions. Scott is currently teaching people in their homes for face-to-face lessons, as well as teaching at Top Note Singing in Caringbah South on Thursday afternoons.

Individual lessons cost $55 or $95 for casual sessions, or if you prefer to book in for a 10-week term the cost will drop to $50 per 30 minute lesson, or $90 per 60 minute lesson.

All lessons are to be paid for in advance, and credit is not offered.

In addition to actual guitar lessons, home studio setup and practice, theory, guitar effects and tones, and the use of music technology are also offered.