Scotty B Teaches the World’s Longest Guitar Lesson

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Scotty B Teaches the World’s Longest Guitar Lesson

Remember the madman who played the guitar continuously for 125 hours to raise money for the “Musicians Making A Difference” charity in 2018?

Well, I am that madman! And I am doing another world record attempt, still involving the guitar, but this time to raise money for the Sydney Children’s Hospital. 

The record attempt shall go for 25 hours. 

The plan is to start at noon on Saturday, June 5 and finish at 1pm, Sunday afternoon, June 6 at “Heart & Soul Yoga” in Cronulla, NSW, Australia.

Why do this?

I’ve been privileged to play for the kids and families staying in Ronald McDonald House. It is humbling, challenging, and also enriching to see people touched by music when they are facing big challenges and need a lot of love and support from everyone. 

Music is an incredible tool for social change and good, amongst many other things. It is my hope that by doing this, we will raise money for the incredible work of the Sydney Children’s Hospital, show some love and care to those kids and families who need it with what they are facing, and also spread some love and kindness amongst the community by getting more people into the greatest instrument of all, or helping them go further with it, and get even more enjoyment from this in their lives. 

I’ve stolen a lyric from Directions In Groove that I’ve made my mantra: “Invest in a future by investing in each other”. We all need each other, and that’s what life is about. 

I also hope to help promote Glenn And Jo Murray’s “Bands For Kids” night, to be held the week before at Club Heathcote. This is raising money for the same reason. 

What does it involve?

The record requires that 1 individual teacher (that’s me) and a minimum of 20 different students participate in the lessons.

There is to be a minimum of 10 students present at any one time, and class participants may only change during official breaks.

Each student requires their own guitar. Guitars cannot be shared. 

A detailed lesson plan is required. And I’ll release notes for everyone attending prior to the day.

My plan is to teach in 2-hour blocks, with a 10-minute break between each session, to allow for changeover of students. 

Ten sessions will cover a classic Australian song. The lessons will include basic chords, song structure, strumming or fingerpicking patterns; and expand to explore possible chord substitutions, alternate chord voicings, further ideas for accompaniment, and improvisational concepts for each song. The aim will be to provide something for everyone participating, be they a beginner or an advanced player. Lesson notes will be available beforehand, and students will be encouraged to print those out and bring them along.

Two sessions will focus on some specific approaches to playing, one being fingerstyle guitar, and the second the art of improvisation.
Students are invited to attend as many sessions as they like, but I am asking that they participate for a minimum of 2 hours (1 session) if they wish to be part of this. 

The minimum age of the students participating for record purposes is 16. For those students under the age of 18, documentary evidence of permission is required. 

I’m happy for students of any age to attend, but I can’t include those under 16 in the logbook required for the record.

As well as students, I require two timekeepers to be present at all times, people to help with videoing the entire event, and people to take photos. 

The timekeepers are to log all events, and cannot assume this role for longer than 4 hours in any one sitting. They can do more than one shift after a break if they so desire.

 All timekeepers will be required to submit witness statements, saying what they have observed, and the final 2 timekeepers shall have to make an overall statement of the event. 

Sounds great! How can I help make a difference in the lives of some beautiful kids?

Be a student! I will create a timetable of sessions and lessons, and you can nominate the times you can attend.

Be a timekeeper. 

Just drop in and take some photos, and watch the lessons. 

Encourage your friends to be involved. 

Spread this story far and wide.

Donate to the Sydney Children’s Hospital. My fundraising for this venture can be found at–s-longest-guitar-lesson

If you say you are going to attend, I need you to attend, at the time you have indicated you will be there.

Choose kindness, inclusion, and encouragement. Let’s make this a better place to live for everyone. 
And you might be able to get a photo with my rockstar dog! You know you want to give the good boy a pat!

For more information, go to the Facebook group “Scotty B Teaches The World’s Longest Guitar Lesson” at 

Or go to my website at and sign up today.

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